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  • Rest with your pets in a human dog bed

    Perfect for: Netflix marathons, napping and cuddling for adults, kids and pets.


Rest in a bed that creates calm

Human Dog Bed

The Ninetails Human Dog Bed is the most comfortable relaxation experience designed to relieve stress, anxiety, and increase your happiness. Crafted by hand, Ninetails is made from the softest materials making it the perfect blend of comfort, ease of care and durability.

For the nifty nappers and cozy cuddlers, Ninetails delivers the most comfortable place to rest.

Real Customers, Real happiness


We believe all children deserve good rest

A portion of every Ninetails is donated to Sleeping Children Around the World, a world renowned charity which gives SLEEP, JOY and HOPE to children living in poverty, through the gift of a bedkit for a good night’s sleep.

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Our beds are super spacious, great for snuggling with your dog, a best friend or just enjoy the extra space all by yourself.

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