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How to Setup Your Human Dog Bed

Setting up your Ninetails Human Dog Bed is easy but please read the instructions below to prevent damage. 

Step 1. Unpack your Ninetails

The Ninetails Human Dog Bed is vacuumed packed and it is recommended that the foam mattress and bolster be removed from their packaging and left for a few hours to reintegrate.

Step 2. Add the Mattress to the Jacket

Turn the foam mattress and faux fur jacket upside down. The bottom zipper is wide enough for the foam mattress however, we recommend slightly folding the foam mattress (like a taco) while you gently pull the jacket cover over it.

IMPORTANT: Pull the jacket very slowly and in small amounts. Grip the two ends of the mattress zipper to ensure the seams are not pulled or damaged.

Step 3. Add the Bolster to the Jacket

Turn the Human Dog Bed back over and pull the bolsters covers to the center to make room. Add the cotton bolster on top of the bed starting from one zipper end. Slowly zip the bolster zipper in small amounts around the bed.

Step 4. Adjust the Mattress and Bolster

Adjust and fluff the cotton bolsters and foam mattress as necessary to ensure that the jacket is properly fitted.

Step 5. Happy Resting

Enjoy your Ninetails Human Dog Bed.